Ship Registration

Renewal Of Certificate Of Registraion

The Nigerian certificate of registry has a 5 year validity period. Upon the expiration of this initial period, every shipowner is required to apply for the renewal of the vessel’s registration. The application is to be supported by the following documents:


1.     Formal letter of application by the registered or authorized representative

2.     Copy of Certificate of Incorporation

3.     CTC of Memo and Articles of Association.

4.     CTC of Form CAC7 (Particulars of Directors.

5.     CTC of Form CAC2 (Allotment of Shares)

6.     Current Tax Clearance Certificate

7.     Completed declaration of ownership form with passport photograph attached.

8.     Return of expired certificate of Registry

9.     Bank Statement /Reference

10.  Completed application for registration of form

11.  Condition Survey Report

12.  NIMASA Official Receipt for Payment of Registration

13.  Annual survey report of the preceding 3 years