Service Delivery Commitment

NIMASA is committed to the provision of high quality services to its customers and stakeholders. The Agency staff will serve its customer effectively, due diligence and professionalism. Will alsopractice the utmost integrity in delivery of our services.


 Public Offices are the Shopping floors for Government Business.
 The ultimate purpose of Governance is to serve the Citizens.
 Citizens have the right to be served right.
 Service is well delivered only when the Citizens are satisfied.

 Every point of contact with customer is a “Moment of Truth” for NIMASA. 

 Each contact will be a lost opportunity if we do not have the commitment and target to strive towards.
 NIMASA Customer Service Charter is our written commitment to understanding customer service.
 We aim not to only deliver value for money but to also delight you our customer.


 Everyone is a Service Provider.
 Everyone is a Service Consumer.
 Service Delivery is Everybody’s Business.
 Deliver Service to me, as you want me to deliver service to you.

NIMASA shall endeavor to uphold the following key values in the delivery of services to all our customers and stakeholders.

We shall demonstrate expertise, efficiently and competence in the performance of our duties.

We shall provide quality services to all our stakeholders with the utmost mutual cooperation for the greater benefit of our society.

We shall ensure openness with utmost sense of responsibility in all our dealings and operations.

We shall set the pace in shaping the national agenda with respect to shipping, green energy, marine environment protection and management of our marine endowments.

We shall be creative, innovative and adaptable to the ever-emerging trends in shipping management and regulations.

We will strive to achieve excellence in national and international maritime management.

We shall keep our customers and stakeholders involved in and informational of our services and development that may have an impact on the management and progress of the industry