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Nigerian Maritime Forecast: Bright Future Ahead

Today, the whole country appreciates the fact that we are making a difference in the Maritime space, we are not only contributing to the economic development of the country, we are not only creating employment for our people, we are giving people opportunities they will remember for a life time. – Dr. Dakuku Peterside >>Click here to Read More

Generation Next: A New Breed of Nigerian Seafarers (2017 Quarter 4)

“Our drive for regional collaboration to enhance safety and security in our terrritorial waters remain firm as we believe that African countries must cooperate to solve challenges peculiar to the continent. All maritime nations on the African continent have comparative advantage in different areas, and only collaboration will ensure that we complement each other, thus ensuring that the maritime sector contributes effectively to the growth...

Nigeria: Charting a New Course for Maritime in Africa (2017 Quarter 3)

It is a well-known fact that Africa’s seas and oceans are usually overlooked when it comes to issues of sustainable development in Africa, to the extent that Africa is considered to be sea blind; sea blind because there is low level awareness of the potential for wealth creation which abounds in the seas and oceans. Our eyes are gradually being opened to the reality that...

Securing the Golf of Guinea: A Regional Approach (2016 Quarter 3)

“The Nigerian maritime industry holds the key to unlocking the opportunities of the sector in the whole of Africa because of our strategic location, population and volume of trade. Therefore if anyone wants to do business in Africa, Nigeria is the place of choice”. – Dr. Dakuku Peterside ->Click here to Read More